4 Home Remedies for Nail Fungus

by Benjamin Wise

When you get something as uncomfortable as a nail fungus infection, the best thing to do is to take action as soon as you can starting with home remedies for nail fungus. Of course, there are a lot of different treatments available, but it is always best to opt first for home remedies.

A lot of people prefer home remedies for nail fungus as a result of the fact that many people in the past have benefited from opting for natural remedies.

What you want to do first is soak the nail that is affected in a solution that mainly consists of the following, chlorine bleach, then some Listerine mouthwash, you can add vinegar or you may also opt to add hydrogen peroxide. Do this on a daily basis. Be advised that it may take several months for the nail to be restored.

1/ Vicks Vaporub – apply this along with essential oils to the affected area. What you want to do is have the nail filed first, that way the treatment works more effectively. Make sure that you rub it into the top of the affected toe nail. This way you make certain that the Vick’s is where it should be.

If you continue to do this for several days at a stretch, you can be sure that the eucalyptus that is in the Vick’s will wipe off the fungus on the nail faster than any kind of in store anti-fungal.

2/ It may help you a lot to apply pure oregano essential oil. The benefit from this oil lays in its ingredients as it comes power packed with antiseptic, anti fungal and analgesic properties that would keep the fungus at bay.

3/ One of the other recommended essential oils for nail fungus is tea tree oil, which can be found in any of the stores around your area. It has been noted the there is scientific evidence which points to the antifungal action of this oil. Remember in order for it to be effective you need to do this on a daily basis.

4/ Vinegar that you generally store in your house is recommended highly. Household vinegar is known to work as one of the best home remedies for nail fungus. Make it a point to apply vinegar directly on the affected area at least twice a day.

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Home Remedies For Nail Fungus

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