5 Ways To Comfort a Colicky Baby

Having to calm down a colicky baby can be one of the hardest parts about being a parent. The baby seems to cry at all hours, and sometimes there’s no reason behind it. Try using these five different methods to calm your child down and get some peace and quiet.

Method 1: Baby Swings
Baby swings rock your child back and forth, giving them some soothing vibrations and rhythmic movement. These swings can easily calm down most children within a few minutes, and it frees your hands to do other things. Swings are better during the day, but you can easily use them at any time.

When buying a swing, make sure you get one that is correctly sized for your child. There are small ones and large ones. If you put a newborn in a bigger baby swing, then he or she might slump over.

Method 2: Remove from Room
Is there a lot of noise going on because of a lot of people in the house? Babies are easily overstimulated, and this leads to stress and crying. By removing the baby from the environment, he or she will often calm down after some nice rocking.

Method 3: Create Some Vibrations
This is similar to the baby swing. Children calm when there are vibrations, and there are a few ways of making them. First, turn on the clothes washer and dryer. These are often able to calm your child within a few minutes. If you want to go out, then take the baby for a car ride. The car’s vibrations will often be enough to put any baby to sleep.

Method 4: Bundle Up
People often think that babies like having a lot of room, but the opposite is true. Wombs are very compact, and babies are used to being packed in warm and tight settings. Cross the babies arms across his or her chest and pack the baby in tightly with a lightweight blanket.

Not only is this calming, but it usually helps babies sleep longer and better. Don’t pack the baby in too tightly, as this can cause him or her to suffocate.

Method 5: Change your Diet
This is especially true if you are breastfeeding. There are many irritating foods that can pass on through your breast milk that may cause the baby to inconsolable cry. Some foods include: coffee, most dairy products and onions. Talk to a doctor about this and see what other foods you should eliminate.

Also, if your baby happens to have an allergy to any foods, make sure you are not eating those foods and breastfeeding. This can also cause the baby to cry.

Calming down a colicky baby can be very hard and stressful. But, don’t lose your temper. If you stay calm and keep trying, then you will find something that can help calm your child. Just think about his or her needs and do what you can to make things easier for the baby.


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