8 Ways to Care for Your Hands

beautifulhandNothing gives away your age like your hands. Our hands tend to age quicker and show their age more than most other parts of our bodies. Why do hands age so fast?

The skin on the backs of your hands has few oil glands so it shrivels and chaps easily upon exposure especially around the joints. Add to this the overall fragile structure of your hands and you can understand why the skin on our hands is especially vulnerable to ageing. Not only that, our hands are constantly exposed to the environment, the sun and sun damage, gravity, age, and daily abuse inflicted by us, not to mention neglect, again by us. So basically, our ageing hands are self-inflicted to some degree.

Our hands do so much for us during the day, yet we seem to just forget about them when it comes to skin and body care. Is it really possible to renew hands once they start the ageing process?

Yes, you can rejuvenate the skin somewhat, plump it up with product and prevent additional ageing. The rule of thumb is to treat your hands like you do for your face. You can however slow the ageing process by protecting your skin with gloves and by using moisturiser and sunscreen all year round.

Here’s some useful tips to protect your hands from ageing:

  • Gloves. Get accustomed to using rubber gloves whenever you do housework or a little gardening.
  • Soak hands in a bowl of warm water to which 1 tsp of corn starch has been added for 5 minutes daily after finishing the house-hold chores.
  • Finger Massage. Using four fingers from the opposite hand, start at the top of the finger and knead your way down to the tip of each finger. Feels wonderfully relaxing.
  • Hand Massage. To stimulate circulation, rub your palm over the back of the hand and repeat with other hand. This movement is very similar to washing your hands and not only stimulates circulation, it also warms the hands. Massage hands once a week with olive oil and a little table salt added to it.
  • Nourishing Hand Cream. Keep your Hand Cream on the counter and get into the habit of applying the cream several times a day. And remember the nails. They can benefit too.
  • Beauty Sleep. Before you go to bed, lavish on your hand cream and then put on a pair of cotton gloves. Hands will be incredibly soft by morning. For chapped hands in winters, wash with lukewarm water (before going to bed), apply milk-cream and put on a pair of gloves; wash hands the next morning.
  • Exfoliate your hands once a week.
  • Sunscreen. Remember that your hands is also exposed to sun damage. It is important to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before moving out in the sun.

Organic Passion products recommendations:


1. Miessence Nourishing Hand CreamAn ultra-rich and nourishing cream for dry, chapped hands with antioxidants that help protect the hands from environmental stress. Organic shea butter and phospholipids keep the hand soft, supple and smooth. Helps to refine the texture of the hands, and brings moisture to the skin. Absorbs quickly without leaving the skin greasy. Perfumed with divine organic rose essential oil.

2.Juice Beauty GREEN APPLE™ Age Defy Hand Cream - Reduce fine lines and wrinkles with this rich moisturizer packed with soothing aloe, jojoba and shea butters. Powerful age-defying Vitamin C will minimize fine lines while organic fruit acids diminish hyperpigmentation and peptides firm. Enjoy this luxurious cream to achieve more youthful looking hands.

3.Thesis Patchouli & Geranium Organic Body Butter - Patchouli and Geranium is a silky organic body cream that caresses your senses and your skin, making it soft, smooth and so kissable! Enhanced with precious organic oil blend, including exotic patchouli, geranium and orange pure essential oils, this organic body cream nourishes and hydrates skin, lending it beautiful aroma that lasts. Patchouli and geranium promote skin healing, help repair signs of ageing and regenerate your skin.



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