Baby Vitamins

by Anca Lacusteanu

Vitamins are important for each of us as they create conditions for our body to develop properly and for our mind as well. With babies, they are maybe even more important, because lack of vitamins practically means lack of energy and that is what defines babies. Also, if a baby does not have enough vitamins, he/she is always sleepy or grumpy, which has a negative impact both on the parents and the baby itself.

When a baby is very happy, he/she is usually well fed, healthy, full of energy and always doing something. Also, he/she has enough sleep and love. If a baby is not very happy, then this is a sign that something is missing, either vitamins or sleep.

If breastfed, well fed and healthy, extra baby vitamins are usually no longer needed, unless babies are exposed to a large quantity of sunlight or unless they are on an inadequate diet. Anyhow, any suspicion of a need of baby vitamins should be consulted with your personal doctor.

Should we choose extra baby vitamins or not?

If a baby is well fed, he/she is usually very healthy, but most of the problems appear when babies pass from being breastfed to being fed solid food, because their diet may not be a complete one as far as the vitamins needed are

Babies may develop in a wrong way even due to very small amounts of food being missed out. Therefore, the quantity of food a baby gets is very important, because otherwise the need for extra baby vitamins is almost inevitable.


Vitamin K is a very important vitamin for the baby. It strengthens the blood, therefore, it is usually used with rat poisons. When lacking this vitamin, your baby may bleed from nose or mouth. Bleedings which have to do with vitamin K are very different and may occur a few weeks after your baby’s birth; they are very dangerous because they may be internal bleedings or very serious ones.

Vitamin D is also very important. This vitamin is produced by the skin. It is a source of energy and it helps with the bones, maintaining the right calcium and phosphorus levels. Therefore, the lack of vitamin D for baby may lead to different bone diseases, muscle problems, nervousness or lack of energy and may ease the appearance of tumours. It is also produced by exposing the baby to sunlight.

It is compulsory for parents to know the baby vitamins prescribed by doctors, that way supervising their babies and their development. They should not have any shortage, because their early way of life represents the basis for their development afterwards. But don not worry because if breastfed or fed correctly, there should be no problem and your baby is safe



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