Basil: A Herb for Acne Skin Care

[tag]Basil[/tag] is known to contain antibacterial properties. When used in natural skin care products, basil is one herb that can help stimulate sluggish and congested circulation of skin, thus making it an excellent cure for acne and minor skin infections. It is also reputed to have antiseptic value and to neutralize the toxins of bites and stings.

If you are suffering from [tag]acne skin[/tag], you can enjoy the benefits of basil by making the [tag]basil acne tonic[/tag].

Basil Acne Tonic

You will need:

  • 3 tablespoons dried basil leaves
  • 1 cup of boiling water


1. Place the three tablespoons of dried basil leaves into a sturdy mug and pound lightly with a pestle to bruise the leaves and release some oil.

2. Pour in a up of boiling water, cover the mug and let the tea steep until it is a clear grass green colour. This may take about twenty minutes.

3. Strain and discard the leaves.

4. Splash your face with the basil tonic just before applying your moisturizer.

Your face will appreciate it, especially if the air you live in is polluted.

This concoction is so easy to make that you can ever use it on flight! If your skin and hair lose their luster when you travel, pack up some dried basil and take it will you. Pour about a cup of hot tap water over two teaspoons of dried basil, cover, and let sit overnight for use in the morning. Very nifty huh? ;)



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