Cancer Alert: Does your Toothpaste contain Flouride?

By Andreas Schuld – head of Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children (PFPC).

[tag]Fluoride[/tag], according to the 1984 issue of Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products, 5th Edition (1984) is more poisonous than lead and just lightly less poisonous than arsenic. It is used as a [tag]rat poison[/tag]. The EPA has set 0.015 ppm as the maximum “safe” level for lead in drinking water–yet the maximum “safe” level for fluoride is currently set at 4.0ppm, over 250 times the permissible level for lead.

Studies have shown that fluoride causes motor dysfunction, [tag]IQ[/tag] deficits and/or learning disabilities in humans. Fluoride exposure impairs memory and concentration, and causes lethargy, headache, depression and confusion in humans. Interestingly, [tag]suicide[/tag] occurs more frequently than expected in populations of fluoride workers.

In 1957 it was found that even waters containing a mere 0.1ppm (0.1 mg/l) could cause dental fluorosis, the first visible sign of fluoride overdose. Moreover, there is not one single double-blind study to indicate that fluoridation is effective in reducing cavities.

[tag]Dental[/tag] fluorosis is a condition caused by an excessive intake of fluorides, characterised mainly by mottling of the enamel (which starts as “white spots”). Dental fluorosis can only occur during the stage of enamel formation and is therefore a sign that an overdose of fluoride has occurred in a child during that period.

The dental profession describes the defect as merely “cosmetic.”

What is now becoming apparent is that this “cosmetic” defect actually predisposes to tooth decay.

The world’s largest study on dental caries, which looked at 400,000 students, revealed that decay increased 27 percent with a 1ppm fluoride increase in drinking water.

In Japan, fluoridation caused decay increases of 7 percent in 22,000 students, while in the US a decay increase of 43 percent occurred in 29,000 students when 1ppm fluoride was added to drinking water.

Currently up to 80 percent of US children suffer from some degree of dental fluorosis, while in Canada the figure is up to 71 percent.

Before the push for fluoridation began, the dental profession recognized that fluorides were not beneficial but detrimental to dental health. In 1944, the Journal of the American Dental Association reported: “With 1.6 to 4 ppm fluoride in the water, 50 percent or more people past age 24 have false teeth because of fluoride damage to their own teeth.”

The fluoride compound in “naturally” fluoridated waters is calcium fluoride. However, this is NOT the compound used to fluoridate water! Sodium fluoride and hydrofluorosilicic acid are used in over 90 percent of fluoridation programs. Hydrofluorosilicic acid is a direct by-product of pollution scrubbers used in the phosphate fertilizer and aluminium industries.

Animal studies have revealed that hydrofluorosilicic acid and sodium fluoride are much more toxic than calcium fluoride.

Fluoride facts

  • The assertion that fluoride is good for teeth is a [tag]myth[/tag]
  • Countries with the best dental health do not fluoridate drinking water
  • There is enough fluoride in a tube of toothpaste to kill a small child

European Fluoride facts

  • 98% of Europe’s drinking water is fluoridation-free
  • The fluoride added to Irish drinking water is toxic waste from the fertiliser industry
  • Less than 2% of Europe’s population have fluoridated water.
  • Sweden banned fluoridation in 1971.
  • West Germany discontinued fluoridation in 1971.
  • Norway rejected fluoridation in 1975.
  • Holland banned fluoridation in 1976 and changed its constitution so that it could never again be introduced.
  • Denmark rejected fluoridation in 1977. The Minister for Environment stated, “no adequate studies had been carried out on the long term effect on human organ systems”.
  • France rejected fluoridation in 1980. The Chief of Public Health declared it was too dangerous.
  • 25 out of 26 Councils in Northern Ireland have recently rejected fluoridation.

USA Fluoride Facts
Since 1990 over 45 US cities have rejected fluoridation.

In 1990 forty US dentists brought a case against the American Dental Association contending that the Association purposefully shielded the public from data that links fluoride to genetic defects, cancer and other health problems.

All US fluoride toothpaste must carry a poisons symbol, with a warning to contact the nearest poisons unit if more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste is swallowed.

In 1997 the Union of Government Scientists of the United States Environmental Protection Agency
voted unanimously to co-sponsor a Californian initiative to ban fluoridation, stating “Our members review of the body of evidence over the last 11 years, including animal and human epidemiology studies, indicates a causal link between fluoride/fluoridation and cancer, genetic damage, neurological impairment and bone pathology”



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