Homemade Green Clay Mask for Acne


We are spoiled with choices when comes to clay mask.  There are many type of clays : white clay, red clay, green clay, pink clay and yellow clay. These exceptional quality clays have a multitude of purposes and each one carries substantial quantities of minerals for general skin health. Did you know that Green Clay works best on acne… 

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Top 3 Natural Mascaras


The next time you put on the mascara you are actually applying all those chemicals in and around your eyes. If you have second thoughts about this (and you should..), you can opt for natural mascaras.
While it is difficult to find all-natural mascara that doesn’t contain one bad thing or another, anyone buying it should always strive to buy something as pure as they can.

Homemade Herbal Beauty Tips


Beauty is one of the popular topic people talk about. Rather than using synthetic cosmetic products people prefer homemade herbal cosmetics to keep them young for longer time. These herbal cosmetics are not only inexpensive but also effective and safe. This article discusses two useful homemade herbal beauty tips that are very useful in our daily life.

Healthy Skin Care All Winter Long


How often should you change your skin care products? Well, that depends upon the quality of the product itself. Products that are made from wholesome ingredients tend to work wonders all year long. However, if you are using a product that dries your skin out, you can be sure that this product will not help your skin at all. As you can see, the types of skin care products that you use really will make a difference this winter.

7 Easy Tips for Natural Rejuvenation


Rejuvenation is a regimen you should live by, and the earlier you start it, the longer lasting the benefits. It works better when it becomes a lifestyle, rather than a series of sporadic, desperate, panicky (and often unsatisfactory) attempts at wiping the years away. It all starts with looking after your body (and your mind). We all know that whatever you lovingly look after stays in good condition, it blooms and lasts longer. Be it your clothes, your home, your plants, your kids, your pets or your relationships. Anti-ageing starts with simple things like a good skin care regimen, sensible diet, avoiding stress and excesses, and being physically active and fit…

Hair Oil – A Need For Anyone And Everyone


The massaging and oiling of your hair stimulates the blood circulation, which in return helps your hair. Due to the oil your hair is protected from the strong and hot sun rays. The oil also gives your hair that extra shine. Some of the most popular and very beneficial oils which are being used for beautiful long hair with indefinite good qualities are