Chamomile Milk Bath


Milk is an amazing skin care product providing your body with cleansing and protective qualities. When add with chamomile, you are creating a soothing mix. This chamomile milk bath is a skin softening treat for dry winter skin. This is also designed for overloaded and stressy people. Not only that, a chamomile milk bath will… 

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Make Your Own Bath Bombs!


by Paul Duxbury [tag]Bath bombs[/tag] are easy to make and provide a delightful fizzing adventure in the tub. If you do not know what a bath bomb is, it is a sweet scented mixture of citric acid, [tag]baking soda[/tag] and other ingredients that fizz when you plop them into your tub. As your bomb fizzes,… 

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Chinese Sesame & Ginger Scrub


You will need to get all the ingredients from Chinatown. This is because the Chinese Sesame & Ginger Scrub is indeed oriental and leverages the power of traditional chinese beauty secrets. 2 tbsp [tag]lotus powder[/tag] (or 1 dried lotus root, cut into pieces and finely ground in a coffee dringer); 1 tbsp [tag]ginseng[/tag] powder 1… 

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Ginseng & Green Tea Bath


3 tbsp Chinese [tag]green tea[/tag] 6 [tag]ginseng[/tag] root pieces, dried 100g ginger, roughly chopped 4 pints water Direction: In a non-metal pan, bring ginseng, ginger, green tea and water to boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Strain the herbal tea mixture through a sieve and add to your bath water. Soak… 

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