Health Spa Treatments – Using Lavender Herbs From Your Own Herb Garden


by Mary Hanna Health spa treatments can be costly. Have you ever considered creating your own home spa by using lavender and other herbs from your own herb garden? After all of the hours you spent planting and tending to your herb plants, reap another benefit by using your herbs to make herbal cosmetics, herbal… 

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Versatile Tomatoes for Beautiful Skin


You know, you can whip up many skin care recipes with tomatoes. Tomatoes are so versatile and oh-so-good for your skin. I have recently made this discovery after my post on Tomato Blemish Remedy and I am really excited to share what I have found out. As we all know, tomatoes are one of the… 

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Tomato Blemish Remedy


This Tomato Blemish Remedy is very suitable for teenagers with blemishes. The use of tomato in skin care has been popular due to its cooling and astringent properties. It is rich in Vitamin C, thus making it helpful for acne and brightening dull skin. Vitamin A is also essential for building healthy skin. Also, the… 

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Quick Tips: Refresh your Eyes


My recent post on how to protect your eye sights in today’s digital age has lead me to find out more about eye care. Working at a computer for more than five hours a day can inevitably cause tired eyes, eye irritation and other eye problems. From my previous post, I did mentioned that blinking… 

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Treat Your Feet to Some Tender Loving Care


by Shreelata Suresh   Our feet are often the least pampered parts of our bodies. Here are some suggestions from ayurveda, the ancient science of healing from India, for taking care of your feet on a regular basis: 1. During your pre-bath ayurvedic massage (abhyanga), pay special attention to your feet. Massage the feet, each… 

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Make Your Own Bath Bombs!


by Paul Duxbury [tag]Bath bombs[/tag] are easy to make and provide a delightful fizzing adventure in the tub. If you do not know what a bath bomb is, it is a sweet scented mixture of citric acid, [tag]baking soda[/tag] and other ingredients that fizz when you plop them into your tub. As your bomb fizzes,… 

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Buy Natural Zinc Oxide Sunscreen


If you are looking for good all-natural and safe sunscreen products for your babies, kids, loved ones and yourself, I would recommend these few trusted brands that I personally tried: 1. UV Natural UV Natural is an Australian made sunscreen that has recently been ranked by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) as the Safest and… 

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