Basil: A Herb for Acne Skin Care


[tag]Basil[/tag] is known to contain antibacterial properties. When used in natural skin care products, basil is one herb that can help stimulate sluggish and congested circulation of skin, thus making it an excellent cure for acne and minor skin infections. It is also reputed to have antiseptic value and to neutralize the toxins of bites… 

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Rose Petal Facial Steam


As the name implies, the [tag]rose petal facial steam[/tag] is a wonderful way to nourish your skin. Rose petals have light astringent properties, thus making it the gentlest of all astringents that is perfect for fair and dry skin. With [tag]facial steams[/tag], your skin’s pores will be open for deep cleansing. Not only will it… 

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Do It Yourself Zinc Oxide Sunscreen


I have been blogging about the danger of commercial sunscreen and I hope you are very well aware of the hidden dangers behind big and popular sunscreen names like Coppertone, Banana Boat and the like…. Even organic sunscreens can be dubious. Brands like Aubrey Organics, Lavera, Alba Botanica are not much safer either despite being… 

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Home Remedies for Wrinkle on Skin


Here are some simple [tag]home remedies[/tag] to deal with [tag]wrinkles[/tag] on skin and prevent the formation of new ones: Apply egg whites to the skin under your eyes. Odor-free castor oil can be applied to the skin under the eyes or on that of the throat. Application of pure castor oil regularly prevents wrinkles. Empty… 

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Natural Home Remedies For Oily Skin

Asian herb tea on an old rustic table

There are many reasons for your skin to become oily for e.g. hereditary, pregnancy, environment, food we eat and many others. Those with oily skin are prone to pimples and dark shadows. Therefore, it requires frequent cleaning, say thrice a day at least. It is also utmost important to avoid greasy food (e.g. fried chicken,… 

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Strawberries as your April Beauty Bliss


This April, [tag]strawberries[/tag] are in season therefore you can whip up a beautiful [tag]strawberry yogurt mask[/tag]. Stawberries make an excellent skin-softening [tag]facial mask[/tag]. Being part of the rose family, strawberries are rich in [tag]vitamin C[/tag] and salicylic acid, a common ingredient in many commercial products for acne-prone skin. Strawberries also have mild bleaching effect on… 

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The Wonder of Lemons in Skin Care


[tag]Lemon[/tag] juice does more than give us a cooling, refreshing and uplifting drink. Lemon is rich in fruit acids and it’s all natural beautifying properties have been relied upon by many throughout the ages. The Egyptians, the Greeks, Romans and the people of Asia enjoyed the benefits of the lemon long before its use in… 

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Easy to Make Super Moisturizer to Combat Winter Skin

vitamin E

Dry, oily, combination or sensitive [tag]skin[/tag] — we all need something different to maintain a supple, healthy complexion in the face of winter’s harsh breath. Of course, regardless of skin type, 3 rules strictly applies for your [tag]winter skin care[/tag]: 1. Wear Sun Screen 2. Drink LOTS of water 3. Maintain a healthy diet For… 

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