You Don’t have to be Perfect to be Free of Back Pain

But here’s the thing—you don’t have to be perfect to be pain-free. In fact, you can have serious conditions like Spinal Stenosis and even a Herniated disc and still have no pain—regardless of the type of job you have or how you think the condition developed or even the unique situation that you find yourself in today. Don’t believe it? The prestigious New England Journal of Medicine just reported it…

Learn How To Treat Eczema

Your worries are lessened when you are diagnosed with eczema. Your Dermatologist informs you that eczema is an autoimmune skin condition. You feel devastated when your Dermatologist says that eczema can’t be cured. However, eczema can be managed. You listen intently as your Dermatologist explains how to effectively treat eczema.

There are several ways to treat eczema. Following are ways to treat eczema based on the intensity and cause of the eczema.

How Much Antioxidant Do We Need?

Given our modern lifestyle, we are very prone to free radicals. The only way to mitigate the effect of free radical is to increase our intake of antioxidant.As encourage by doctors and nutritionists, we need to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. So how much fresh fruit and vegetables should we eat? 5 servings a day? The answer lies within the ORAC measurement

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Computer Radiation

When you are reading this article, you are already expose to the radiation from your computer. Computer has woven so deeply into the fabric of our daily lives that it becomes indispensable! We use the computer at work and at home and we are surrounded by computers everywhere!

Because we always interact with the computer, we have to keep in mind that the radiation from the computer is damaging to our health. Some researchers believe that the radiation could attribute to such conditions as leukaemia, tiredness or general fatigue. If you are one of the billions that use computer daily ( at least 5 hours a day), you should consider minimizing computer radiation. Here are some top 5 ways to reduce radiation effects from the computer:

Cacao – Beyond Sinful Pleasure


All real chocolate is made from cacao and eaten in its pure raw form is extremely rich with anti-oxidants and magnesium. Cacao is a natural source of antioxidants – polyphenols, catechin, epicatechin and gallic acid. These antioxidants are essential to deneutralize free radicals and help to provide significant protection to cardiovascular health. Studies have also indicated that cacao can provide more than 21 times the free radical protection of green tea.

Good News for Cocoa Lover!


Symptoms like abdominal bloating, breast pain, headaches, fatigue, fluid retention, mood swings, insomnia and anxiety are all symptoms of magnesium deficiency and PMS! But no worries, cocoa bean can help! I know the cocoa is very beneficial and it is now known a superfood, that doesn’t mean you can obtain its power from any chocolate product from the supermarket shelve.

Hidden Dangers at the Gym for your Back and Body…

Here is the problem. Working out can lead to injury, no question. The challenge is in knowing how it can happen and how to prevent it. There are two basic categories of injuries: the sudden accident (a.k.a. trauma) and what can be described as the Process Injury (in other words, the long, slow development of a condition.) My goal is to protect you from both types of injury.