The Power of Music to Heal Your Stress

Listening to music at the start of the day makes your day run smother. After a hard day’s work, the only thing you may feel like doing is to make the evening meal. Put on a soothing music while you cook, it will offer you complete tranquility and relaxation and will banish all your mild depression. The serene chirping of birds, the splashing of waves and the rippling of stream may also help more and more positive energies to flow within you.

How to Give A Relaxing Massage

Offering to give a relaxing massage to a friend or loved one can be one of the best gifts that you can provide for someone who has had a bad or stressful day or week. Few people will turn down a massage, especially if you know how to properly give one. A good massage isn’t necessarily all about great technique, although that is important. You also need the right tools, be able to set the mood conducive to a relaxing massage.

Sweet 16 Reasons You Need a Lovely Massage.

The definition of [tag]massage[/tag] is the scientific and systematic manipulation of soft tissue. However, massage is both a science and an art form. It really blends thinking and feeling. Besides being fun and relaxing, massage is one of the oldest healing art forms. Primarily because it works and it’s something everyone can do and benefit… 

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Claim your FREE 12 Minutes Relaxation

We at OrganicPassion (OP) really enjoy [tag]surfing[/tag] and share fantastic [tag]deal[/tag] with our readers. Afterall, sharing is caring, right? ;) Today, we would love to give you a [tag]FREE[/tag] 12 minutes [tag]Relaxation[/tag]. It will help you feel more energized, more focused, and more alert. This recording was made by Blair Lewis, PA-C for the Alive… 

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DIY Simple Ways to Manage Stress 3

Here are more [tag]DIY[/tag] [tag]Stress Management[/tag] Techniques…(continued from Simple Ways to Manage Stress 2) 4. Practice deep breathing A good instant [tag]de-stresser[/tag] is to stop and breathe in, through your nose for a count of seven and then out through your nose for a count of eleven. Do this several times until you feel calmer…. 

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Simple Ways to Manage Stress 2

..continued from Simple Ways to Manage Stress 1 3. Keep a miniature garden Gardens are usually wonderfully [tag]stress[/tag]-free environments, – but it isn’t always possible to stroll round one when you need a break. So why not take a tip from the Japanese and create a miniature [tag]garden[/tag]. Miniature garden allow you to keep it… 

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