Homemade Green Clay Mask for Acne


We are spoiled with choices when comes to clay mask.  There are many type of clays : white clay, red clay, green clay, pink clay and yellow clay. These exceptional quality clays have a multitude of purposes and each one carries substantial quantities of minerals for general skin health. Did you know that Green Clay works best on acne… 

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Avocado Hand Treatment


Following the post on The Truth About Hand Care, I thought of sharing this extra nourishing hand treatment recipe. The Ingredients Benefits: As you may have already know, the avocado is a natural moisturizer. Ancient Aztec, Mayan and Inca Beauties have regard avocado as a treasury of vitamins, minerals and natural oil. The avocado is… 

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Honey Blueberry Facial


This honey blueberry facial is a Hollywood all-natural beauty secret. Created by Christopher Watt Estheticsfor his high-profile clientèle like Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin, this honey blueberry facial is truly all-natural goodness and you can actually whip this delicious Hollywood beauty secret at home with very little cost.   The ingredients are: 1/2… 

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Pineapple Olive Oil Mask


Pineapple contains bromeliad, a protein-digestive enzyme which helps rid the skin of dead cells and dirt. It also counteracts histamines, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is a mild astringent. Olive oil has excellent healing properties and is a good source of vitamin E, which restores the skin’s surface. Use only the highest quality cold-pressed extra-virgin olive… 

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