Top 5 Winter Skin Care Tips

winter skin care tips

So the Mayans were wrong and the world did not end on December 21, 2012 as predicted. It will be another winter solstice and our skin has to bear with another harsh cold weather. The winter weather can take its toll on your skin causing dryness, itchiness, and skin dehydration. To ease your winter skin… 

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Homemade Green Clay Mask for Acne


We are spoiled with choices when comes to clay mask.  There are many type of clays : white clay, red clay, green clay, pink clay and yellow clay. These exceptional quality clays have a multitude of purposes and each one carries substantial quantities of minerals for general skin health. Did you know that Green Clay works best on acne… 

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Why Do We Need Collagen for Youthful Skin?


Collagen has been the “buzz” word in the skin care industry. They’re often advertised as an anti-ageing solution. At a glance, this makes sense because collagen is a type of fibrous protein that connects and supports bodily tissues. Known as the glue that holds the body together, collagen works hand-in-hand with elastin to give body… 

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Avocado Hand Treatment


Following the post on The Truth About Hand Care, I thought of sharing this extra nourishing hand treatment recipe. The Ingredients Benefits: As you may have already know, the avocado is a natural moisturizer. Ancient Aztec, Mayan and Inca Beauties have regard avocado as a treasury of vitamins, minerals and natural oil. The avocado is… 

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Ingrown Hair Help


The reason we shave or wax is to achieve that soft silky beautiful hairless body. However, if not done properly, shaving and waxing can cause ingrown hair. Ingrown hair occurs when hair becomes trap in the follicle and begins to grown backward into the skin. This results in a red, irritated bump that can become… 

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