Homemade Vitamin E Cream

vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of today’s most popular ingredients in anti-aging skin care products. This is because Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) is an anti-oxidant that assists in maintaining cell integrity. Therefore, when applied on to the skin, it is claimed to have beneficial actions against aging of the skin caused by ultraviolet light, such as… 

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How to Detox Your Skin


When we talk about detox, we always associate it with strict diets for detoxing the liver or colon. Very often, we tend to neglect the detoxification of the largest organ of our body – the skin. Approximately 10% of body elimination occurs through the skin, working in conjunction with other organs of elimination such as… 

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Anti-Wrinkle Tips


You can only minimize wrinkle – but not eliminating them completely – by taking care of your skin. Your diet and lifestyle are the most important factors for healthy skin. Here are some anti-wrinkle tips: To avoid sun-induced wrinkles, always wear a sunscreen, a hat and other protective clothing, or use an umbrella under the… 

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AHA – The “wonder” ingredient


Alpha Hydroxyl Acid or AHAis the “wonder” ingredient originally derived from fruits (also known as “Fruit Acids”). These substances are weak hygroscopic acids that absorb moisture from the atmosphere and also help in exfoliation or dead cells on the surface layer of the skin. The result is AMAZING!! AHAs prove to reduce fine lines, smooths… 

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Organic Skin Care vs Natural Skin Care

Luscious Shea Butter

The terms “organic skin care” or “natural skin care” are becoming more the norm on product labels. It is testament to the health and environmental movements that industry realises that the terms organic and natural are more likely to appeal in the market place. First it is important to realise that there are no legal… 

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