Chinese Green Bean Soup.. Anyone? It’s Healthy :)

The first time I tried SuiLin’s Red Bean Soup, I was blown away by its taste. It is an excellent chinese dessert for the cold winter months because of the Red Beans’ Yang (heating) properties.

Given that there’s Yin and Yang, the Yin (cooling) counterpart of the Red Bean Soup is the Green Bean Soup!

Green Bean Soup

Yes, it is the Mung Bean Soup or known as “look dul sah” in Cantonese. Rather than drinking the red soup, you drink the green soup during the hot season so that it will cool you down.

I also learn that the Green Mung Bean Soup is a tonic for acne, rash and other skin problems. Again, it is attributed to its “Yin” properties, that help to cool the body of heat inflammations and thus, is really really good in the summer.

Mung Bean

To make this skin-friendly chinese soup, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 300g Green Mung Beans
  • 1.5L Water
  • Rock Sugar to taste (approx 75-100g)


  1. Wash the green beans in running water.
    Remove dirt and discolored beans.
  2. Place beans and 1.5L water in a large pot (cover with lid).
  3. Bring water to boil then reduce heat o simmer.
  4. Place rock sugar into the boiling water.
  5. Simmer for 60-80 minutes until the beans have expanded out of their skins and are soft & fluffy. Add more water if needed.
  6. Add more sugar if desired.
  7. Can be served hot or cold.

Enjoy! :)



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