Chinese Sesame & Ginger Scrub

You will need to get all the ingredients from Chinatown. This is because the Chinese Sesame & Ginger Scrub is indeed oriental and leverages the power of traditional chinese beauty secrets.

2 tbsp [tag]lotus powder[/tag] (or 1 dried lotus root, cut into pieces and finely ground in a coffee dringer);

1 tbsp [tag]ginseng[/tag] powder

1 tbsp [tag]ginger powder[/tag]

2 tbsp [tag]sea salt[/tag]

4 tbsp black sesame or [tag]sesame oil[/tag]

1 tbsp [tag]rosehip oil[/tag]

5 drops each of myrrh, Chinese star anise and mandarin [tag]essential oil[/tag]

Directions – Mix all of these ingredients together and apply them in a circular movement on your body. Rinse in shower/bath



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