Clean up your Cleaning Act!

Our skin, the human body’s largest organ, is essential to our overall health. It has a big job to do. Our skin works constantly to:

  • protect our internal organs
  • detoxify our bodies
  • prevent bacteria and viruses from entering
  • store vitamin D for our immune system

Almost all commercial name brand toiletries and household cleaners contain hidden carcinogens. Don’t believe me?. Let me prove it to you: Go to this search results page for “Pantene” products. Don’t use Pantene? Search your favorite bath product instead. Like what you see?

Companies are allowed to make you believe their product is really full of that nice fresh picture of fruit on the front label, and we want to believe that! However, the truth is, of course, that they just used chemicals instead to make that smell. There are no real strawberries or lemons in your window spray or lip gloss.

If we clog up our skin with these chemicals, how can we be sure it can (or be willing to!) continue protecting us? Also, the more we protect and take care of it, the more beautiful and young we look. The more chemical-laden products we rub on our skin, the faster our skin ages. This bad habit also contributes to disease.  They are directly absorbed through our skin easily and quickly into our internal systems, and they build up inside our bodies as one big chemical cocktail.

This build up of chemicals in our bodies contribute to:

  • cancer
  • birth defects
  • brain and nervous system damage
  • allergies
  • ADD
  • migraines
  • asthma
  • Alzheimer’s

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) US analyzed 2983 chemicals used in personal care products. The results were as follows:

  • 884 of the chemicals were toxic
  • 314 caused biological mutation
  • 218 caused reproductive complications
  • 778 caused acute toxicity
  • 146 caused tumors
  • 376 caused skin and eye irritations

That, in my opinion, is proof enough that using many personal and household cleaning products indeed is contributing to our high rate of disease. With all the other factors we don’t have control of, I think it’s wise to control the ones we can, and reduce our risk of cancer and other nasty diseases!

What you can do?
You can buy truly natural products that don’t contain these chemicals. You might have a hard time finding a major commercial brand without these chemicals in most major stores. Fortunately, they are widely available in health food stores or whole foods super markets.
You can also become a label reader and avoid these ingredients:

  • Mineral Oil, Paraffin, and Petrolatum
  • Parabens (used as a preservative, linked to cancer)
  • Propylene glycol
  • Acrylamide (linked to tumors)
  • Sodium laurel or lauryl sulfate (SLS), also known as sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)- these are in 90% of products!
  • Toluene also known as benzoic and benzyl
  • Dioxane

About the Author

This blog post is written by Jade, an author specializing in disease prevention and alternative health information, writing at



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