Collagen Drink: Does it Work?

Laneige-Collagen-Drink-CoverEvery time when I logged into my Facebook account, the pretty Laneige Collagen Drink advertisement is tempting me with its pretty pink bottle, surrounded by plump and juicy red orange and pomegranate. It gives a strong impression that this drink is healthy, delicious and most importantly, it contains the elixir of youth.

As advertised, this tiny bottle is packed with goodness:

  • Fish Collagen
  • Vitamin C that helps stimulate collagen synthesis
  • Red Orange extract (sourced from Mount Etna volcano in Sicily, Italy); and
  • Pomegranate extract for powerful antioxidant

Collagen supplements claim to offer a range of benefits, including

  • reducing wrinkles
  • reversing age of skin
  • tighter skin
  • plumps up skin
  • improves skin elasticity

Of course, one bottle doesn’t come cheap. Priced at $52 for 10 bottles, it better be good and effective!

Because collagen supplements are becoming overly popular as a beauty product to promote natural beauty from within, I would like to know how effective is such product. From my research, there is no scientific proof that collagen supplements have any effects on skin health and appearance at all. Collagen is a type of protein which when ingested, is broken down by the digestive system into individual amino acids to be recombined by cells according to their needs.

If you are a living proof that this product really does wonder to your skin, I would like to hear from you in the comments below. Thanks!






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