Constipation Relief Tips

by Dr John Anne

Irregularity amounts to constipation. [tag]Constipation[/tag] is related to the digestive system. It is a condition that affects the individual by a hardening of feces, which experience biological difficulty in digesting. Extreme discomfort and outright pain is inflicted upon the afflicted. If not treated, in its early stages by home remedies for constipated bowel obstruction can develop. Dietary, hormonal, anatomical, side effects of medications, illnesses or disorder are the major causes of constipation.

Defining constipation is realized through the following determinations – inconsistent movement of the bowels, as in three or less fecal evacuations within a week; complications upon defecation, involving considerable straining or pushing, at a minimum of higher intensity of twenty-five percent, associated with a internal sensing of hardened stools; upon the process of defecation, an insufficient evacuation of the bowels. Hence, as the afflicted has ascertained the intensity of the constipation, a better judgment can be implored in a treatment within home remedies.

Detecting the cause of an individual’s constipation is quite significant, in both alleviating and avoiding a reoccurrence of the condition within the digestive system. Such self-analysis will significantly aid in the choice of home remedies.

The more common contributors to bouts of constipation include inadequate chewing of food; lack of ample ingest of fluids in creating dehydration; excessive mineral intakes of aluminum, calcium and iron; limited or decreased locomotion in physical activity; onset of hypothyroidism, in decreasing the actions of the thyroid glands; hypokalemia; injury to the anus and sphincter; prescriptions, to include codeine, loperamide, morphine, and particular antidepressants of a tricyclic composition; underlying illnesses; inherent and acute porphyria; unintentional poisoning through lead; suppressed defecation, clinically termed as dyschezia; intestinal or rectal constrictions, which impede the passage of feces; Strictures, clinically referred to as stenosis; diverticula, whereas certain food particles become trapped within various pockets of the digestive system; tissues involving the areas of the bowels in the development of tumors; a foreign matter of embodiment, termed as a bezoar; anxiety or unfamiliarity with environment, clinically referred to as psychosomatic constipation; irritable bowel syndrome, that is associated with constipation of a predominant circumstance, to include intense abdominal pain and discomfort; cessation of the smoking of tobacco; surgery to the abdomen; and childbirth. Some form of home remedies for constipation can aid all of the proceeding maladies.

For those individuals who are not presenting complex medical problems, though are suffering from constipation, can greatly benefit from a number of practical and dietary consumables. In such proven argument against over-the-counter and non-prescribed usage of retail laxatives, as these forms of relief from constipation can lead to an issue, whereas the action of the chronically afflicted individual’s bowels develop a co-dependency upon increased use of such formulations.

Therefore, in normal case scenarios, home remedies are the options preferred by general consensus. Such forms of natural intervention, in the alleviation of constipation, include the afflicted individual’s adequate intake of liquids, mainly good quality water, along with fibers from a dietary source. The fiber options are merely the inclusion of ample vegetables, fruits and whole grain breads, to incorporate a better balance in the daily diet, along with such considerations in supplementing the diet of the ailing with linseeds, all, to encourage the natural approach towards home remedies for constipation.

Other approaches in the relieving of constipation, from an alternative and practical mode, which supportive treatments as colonic irrigation; enemas of naturally-based composition; adequate exercise; diet budgeting, as to balance intake, as appropriate; and certain herbs.

Focusing on exercise as to one of the natural relievers in pursuit of constipation home remedies, is, perhaps, more of a preventative measure towards the avoidance in the progressive development of undesirable constipation.

In conclusion, barring other medical issues that may possibly contribute or complicate, where constipation is an issue, home remedies for constipation is among the optimal choices.

Dr John Anne is a herbal specialist with years of experience in the field of Alternative Health Care. Read more Home Remedies for Constipation at Home Remedies. Also visit Best Home Remedies for Indigestion



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