Debunking the Organic Myth 1

[tag]Myth[/tag] 1: Organic food is TOO expensive

Price is usually the main factor that has stopped you from buying organic. Do organic products really cost more?

Yes, [tag]organic food[/tag] costs more than [tag]conventional food[/tag] because of the laborious and time-intensive systems used by the typical smaller [tag]organic farms[/tag]. [tag]Organic agriculture[/tag] utilize [tag]conservation[/tag] practices that protect the soil, water and air.

In contrast, “cheap” conventional farming and food production damages water supplies and fertile topsoil, harm wildlife, pose serious health problems to consumers and farmers. Did you know that many EPA-approved [tag]pesticides[/tag] were registered long before extensive research linked these chemicals to [tag]cancers[/tag] and other [tag]diseases[/tag]?

The social and environmental impact caused by conventional farming cost us billions of dollar a year and we are paying that cost through [tag]government taxes[/tag]. If these costs were factored into the price of conventional food, you may find that the benefits of [tag]organic agriculture[/tag] off-set this additional cost.

Consider the following when questioning the price of organic:

  1. Organic farmers don’t receive federal subsidies like conventional farmers do. Therefore, the price of organic food reflects the true cost of growing.
  2. The price of conventional food does not reflect the cost of [tag]environmental[/tag] cleanups that we pay for through our tax dollars.
  3. [tag]Organic farming[/tag] is more labor and management intensive.
  4. The industry is relatively small and cannot take advantage of [tag]economies of scale[/tag]. Prices will go lower as production increases, thus your support is important!
  5. What you DON’T get from buying organic:
    • [tag]Synthetic pesticides[/tag] and chemical toxins
    • Artificial additives ([tag]flavourings[/tag], [tag]colourings[/tag], [tag]preservatives[/tag] and etc..)
    • [tag]Genetically modified[/tag] (GE/GMO) ingredients
    • Artificial food made in the lab (without real food ingredients)
    • [tag]Irradiation[/tag]
  6. What you DO get from buying organic:
    • [tag]Wholesome food[/tag] with better [tag]nutrition[/tag]
    • Better flavour (organic tastes better)
    • Better health and peace of mind
    • Preserve the soil and the environment
    • Protect your family and future generations

Ultimately, you will find organic is the only way to go. :)



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