Envirosax – The Eco Friendly Reusable Bag

Envirsax Reusable Stylish Bag

Be an [tag]eco friendly[/tag] consumer with these [tag]groovy reusable bags[/tag]. Made out of lightweight polyester, these bags are portable, waterproof and comes in many colours and patterns, black and white.

The bags can be rolled up and fit neatly in a glove box or other handbag. They have reinforced seams so they can hold twice as many items as conventional plastic carrier bags. This also means that these bags are kinder to the hands and fingers than plastic carrier bags when filled up and carried.

Made by an Australian company called [tag]EnviroSax[/tag], these eco-friendly reusable shopping bags are designed to answer the lack of stylish or fashionable eco-friendly reusable [tag]shopping bags[/tag] available.

Plastic bags have long been a waste problem that harms the environment. Not only is it not pretty and polluting, but its estimated that millions of marine life die by mistakenly eating this junk or becoming ensnared in it and drowning.

We have been trashing the world our planet by wasting 1 Trillion plastic bags EVERY YEAR . Each individual uses about 500 per year. And what is astonishing is that it takes 1000 Years for 1 bag to decompose!

YOU can make a difference today by saying NO to plastic bags and be a proud owner of an EnviroSax.

Start spreading environmental message with style. Envirosax® Bags (FL.01) , set of these 5 floral design bags is available to the US ($33.25 US) and Canada ($35.00 CAN).



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