FREE: Meditation and Relaxation E-Book

Beautiful Calm E-Book

This free meditation e-book is provided by [tag]Ananga Sivyer[/tag] at her site.

Ananga Sivyer is a health writer with a passion for helping people feel positive and in control of their lives. She is also a contributing health editor for [tag]Lifescape Magazine[/tag] and the author of the [tag]self-help[/tag] workbook “The Art & Science of Emotional Freedom”.

In her beautiful meditation e-book, you will enjoy discovering:

  • the benefits of [tag]meditation[/tag] & how to get started
  • 5 finger [tag]qigong[/tag], an easy exercise for reducing anxiety
  • the relaxing breath, how to get calm in minutes with this simple breathing exercise
  • the grounding technique, let tension go and rest your mind
  • 5 tips to develop a good meditation practice
  • your breath & your mind, how your breathing affects your mood
  • step-by-step healing energy meditation, discover the soothing effects of this lovely qigong self-healing exercise
  • mindfulness meditation – a step-by-step guide
  • counting breaths, a deeply relaxing breathing exercise

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