Free Sample: Yogi Tea

If you have not discover your cup of [tag]herbal tea[/tag] that would substitute your caffeinated [tag]tea[/tag] or [tag]coffee[/tag] during your [tag]detox[/tag] plan, you should start searching at [tag]Yogi Tea[/tag].

The philoshophy behind Yogi Tea is truly amazing:

Yogi Tea Philosophy

Their business [tag]philosophy[/tag] is indeed inspiring and I really admire what they are doing.

Anyway, to add more plus points to their business, I have recently discovered that Yogi Tea is giving out FREE samples! This means you can try them out at no cost (only available to US residents).

In my post Which Detox Tea, I have recommended the [tag]Peach Detox Tea[/tag] and [tag]Lemon Tea[/tag]. If you are considering to go on a detox, try their [tag]free[/tag] sample Wellness from Within range that includes Peach Detox Tea, Calming and Lemon Ginger Tea.

Of course, if you just want to sample for the sake of sampling, Yogi Tea also offer other tea experiences – Fragrant and Uplifting, Especially for Women, and A World of Flavours.

Get your free sample here.



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