Fruitylicious Salad

I think the easiest way to have 5 a day Fruit and Vegetables is colorful mixture of freshly cut fruit. I find the bright and inviting color of a fruit salad is warm and delightful way to motivate oneself to eat the recommended intake of fruit and vegetable a day, particularly with the kids.

My favorite combination of fruit salad is the “rainbow” combination of some red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet colour fruits.

The red fruits are – watermelon, strawberry

The orange fruits are – tangerine or orange

The yellow fruits are – rockmelon

The green fruits are – melon, kiwi, granny smith apple

The blue fruits are – blueberries

The violet fruit are – grapes

Once you have diced the red, orange, yellow, and green fruit into bite-size pieces, and mix it all together, you will get the beautiful bowl of fruit salad like this:

Fruit Salad

Yummy isn’t? You bet ! Plus, it doesn’t only look good, but taste good and it is EXTRA nutritional. It has all the vitamin and anti-oxidant that you need. If you need some calcium, add the yogurt!

Try this recipe and you (and your kids) will absolutely LOVE it!

P/S: If you have kids at home, get them to prepare this together and cultivate their love for fruits :)



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