How to Give A Relaxing Massage

by George Key

Offering to give a relaxing massage to a friend or loved one can be one of the best gifts that you can provide for someone who has had a bad or stressful day or week. Few people will turn down a massage, especially if you know how to properly give one. A good massage isn’t necessarily all about great technique, although that is important. You also need the right tools, be able to set the mood conducive to a relaxing massage.

It’s fairly easy to set the right mood. Ask the recipient of the massage if they have any musical requests. If they do not, find music that is soft and relaxing. Purchase some candles. Again, ask the person who is receiving the massage if they have a personal favorite. If they do not, pick something that you like which is soothing, smells nice and promotes relaxation. If you have no idea, try a lavender candle.

After you have chosen the music and the candles, it’s time to purchase massage oil. Using massage oil allows you to give a massage that feels good. You won’t be roughly rubbing on the skin, but gliding over it. It will also prevent your hands from getting tired quickly. Jojobo and almond oils are good picks. You will also find great options at local, specialty shops or online.

Once you have all of your supplies, grab two of your biggest, fluffiest towels and place them in the dryer for a few minutes. This will get them nice and warm. Place one of the towels underneath the person that is getting the massage and the other one on top of them so that they are not overly exposed.

Now if you are unsure about massage techniques, you may want to invest a little money and purchas a good book or video on the subject. However, if you avoid massaging too hard or too soft, you should be fine. Make sure that you get feedback and ask your partner to tell you when it feels good. Focus on the arms, back, legs and buttocks (if appropriate). Use your fingers, thumbs and fists to lightly knead and place pressure on the various muscle groups.

Giving a relaxing massage to someone can be a great gift. With the day-to-day pressures that most people live with, being pampered and tended to with a massage can be extremely enjoyable. When giving a massage, be sure to set the mood with soft, soothing music, burn some candles and make sure the temperature is right. Turn down the lights and focus on gently and firmly massaging the major muscle groups with your hands, fists and thumbs.

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