How to Reduce Dark Circles Naturally?

How to get rid of dark circle under [tag]eyes[/tag] is the question that arises in your mind when you are suffering from under eye [tag]dark circles[/tag].

These black rings make us look exhausted and ill. They are very obvious and annoying. Also, they are difficult to cover up and even harder to get rid of.

There are many contributing factors to the development of these dark circles and some of these factors are attributed to our daily lifestyle, such as:

  • Lack of [tag]sleep[/tag]
  • Short and irritable temperament
  • Emotions such as jealousy, irritation, anger, and unhappiness
  • [tag]Iron deficiency[/tag]

Compare to some factors that are unavoidable like age and ill health, these lifestyle related factors may be prevented and treated easily. To get rid of dark circles affected by our lifestyle is ensure that you exercise the following prevention tips:

  1. Get enough sleep. You deserve a good 7-8 hours comfortable sleep daily. Relax yourself with some light reading or your favorite TV show before going to bed.
  2. Exercise. Plan today to incorporate exercise in your routine.
  3. Drink plenty of water. Your body needs at least 15 glasses of water a day.
  4. Eat healthily. Ensure that you eat lots of fresh fruits, green vegetables which are rich in fiber.
  5. Check with your doctor if you have iron deficiency. Your doctor will do the needed tests and let you know if iron supplementsare needed.

Getting rid of dark circles require a lot of self-discipline and there is no quick-fix to this age-old problem. Thankfully, there are many tried and tested home remedies that can help reduce dark circles. These home remedies do not cost a lot and they are easily obtainable. =)

Home Remedy for Dark Circles:

1. Using Almond Oil

Almond Oil as we know is an excellent natural emollient and its fine texture and moisturizing properties is perfect for any skin type. Ayurvedic practitioners love Almond Oil and they have been using this oil for dark circles.

Almond Oil is readily available from health and aromatherapy stores as it’s commonly used as a carrier oil. Carefully rubbing a little in to the skin around your eyes each morning and night should leave the skin softer and more supple.

2. Using Tomato and Lemon

[tag]Tomato[/tag] is rich in Vitamin A, C and Iron, whereas [tag]lemon[/tag] can act as “natural bleach”. By combining the two ingredients, you will notice the dark circle will lightens after a few days of treatment.

To conjure this mixture, take one teaspoon fresh tomato juice. Add to it 1/2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice and a little less than a teaspoon of gram flour. Mix all these thoroughly to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on the dark circles around the eyes and leave for about 10 minutes.

Before it becomes too dry, start removing by rubbing very gently with your fingers. Later, wash your face. This application is recommended once daily. More quantity of the ingredients can be taken in the proportion specified to have sufficient amount to apply on the whole face.

3. Using Cucumber Juice

[tag]Cucumber[/tag] has cooling and astringent properties that are very good for tired eyes. This remedy is a “quick-fix” to any eyes woes.

Squeeze the juice from a cucumber and cool it in the refrigerator for an hour or so. Add a little lemon juice. Make cotton pads and dip into the mixture. Place on your eyes for 15 minutes. The effect is cooling and relaxes your eyes.

Make sure to wash the area thoroughly afterwards and apply a little almond oil around the eyes to moisturize the area.

4. Using Grated Potato

Another effective home remedy is peeled and grated potatoes. Firstly, grate the [tag]potato[/tag], wrap it in thin cloth and place it over the eyes. Use this overnight at least three times a week.

Make sure to wash the area thoroughly and apply a little cream or oil around the eyes to moisturize the area.

5. Using Metal Spoon

This is one of the most effective “Old Wives Tales” that don’t need much effort. :)

Cool a metal spoon under the cold tap for a few minutes, dry off the water and hold the spoon to your eyes for at least sixty seconds. Be gentle; don’t press too hard.


  1. AMBER says

    btw, erm a dunno bwt all dis. a tried cucumbers on my eyes & stuff bt afta a few mins my eyes itch lyk mad.. & dey gt all uncomfortable. instead of pttn all dt on ya face.. cnt u lyk mek juice outta d cucumber..tomato..lemon & wteva else instead? will dt make my dark circles lighter?

  2. Jessica says

    Dark eye circles are inevitable no matter what you do. They are genetic and any remedies out there are only for a temporary amount of time. Using a “natural” bleach such as lemon juice isn’t healthy and will weaken the skin over time, making it harder to deal with under eye circles later on. They aren’t ‘miraculously’ caused by a lack of sleep. The only reason they look darker when you have a lack of sleep is because your skin becomes pale, making the dark circles appear even more obnoxious.

    They are caused by the bleeding through of the very thin and fragile capillaries we have under our eyes. In other words, the more you rub them, the more the capillaries will break and bleed out–The are almost like bruises. I do agree that drinking plenty of water will help. Because our body has a way of cleaning up the bloody mess, drinking more water will help a bit.

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