How to Use Electronic Cleansing Brush

facial_brush We have recently explored how to pick the right cleansing brush for the skin. In this post, we will share some useful tips on how to use the electronic cleansing brush wisely.

1. Take it Slow Start by using an electronic cleansing brush only once or twice a week. Within the first two weeks, sensitive skin may flare up. That is how the skin deals with intensive action of unclogging the pores and removing dead skin cells. But as your skin gets use to the friction from the bristles, you will be less likely to have breakouts.

2. How Often Should I Use the Brush? Twice daily to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage as well as remove dead skin cells.

3. Can I Over Cleanse and Over Exfoliate? Of course! While clogged pores beg for a good exfoliation, going overboard with cleansing can stress the skin and cause oil glands to go into overdrive. You will know if you are using the cleansing brushes too often when you see warning sing such as broken capillaries, or when you skin feels unnaturally dry and irritated. So, keep the cleansing to just twice daily.

4. Are these Tools Suitable for Everyone? The answer is no. Those with broken, red or very inflamed skin should give facial cleansing a miss. Those with bad case of acne should also skip the brushes. The same goes for those who have undergone aesthetic treatments such as chemical peels.

5. How Should You Store the Gadgets and Keep Them Clean? It is recommended to store your brush in a cool, dry place so that they do not become damp breeding grounds for bacteria. It is also advisable to rinse them with tap water after every use. And, because dirty brushes can cause breakouts, you should clean them once a week with an anti-residue facial cleanser to remove soap and dirt build-up. Choose a foaming formula -oil-based ones can leave a layer of oil on the bristles and clog your pores. Also, replace the brush heads every three to six months as you do not want rough, worn-out bristles anywhere near your face!

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