Last Minute Delightful Christmas Recipes

Kimberly Edwards of is spreading the joy of Christmas by sharing three delectable Christmas Recipes.

All of her recipes are organic and it is definitely a guilt-free way to indulge with the delicious food this holiday season.

As I have blogged earlier, Cranberries is the fruit of the month and it is the must have on the dinner table. Kimberly’s Traditional Cranberry Sauce is excellent for that Christmas Turkey or for that oh-so-sweet Cranberry Chutney. To make this yummy sauce, all you need is just 30 minutes of your time. Not too late to make some last-minute Cranberry sauce. To view the recipe, click here.

Kimberly’s Twisted Borscht is a delicious winter soup that is healthy and low in fat. The red and green beauty of this soup is ideal for entertaining during this holiday seasons. If you are expecting friends and relatives at your home, why not delight them with this jewel? ;)

Lastly, Kimbery’s Canadian Homemade Eggnog is obviously not like the stuff you buy in carton at the store. Homemade Eggnog are definitely tastier and healthier beverage to complete the Christmas Cheers.

I hope you enjoy all the featured Christmas recipe by Kimberly.

Merry Christmas!

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