Make your own Citrus Spritzer

The Citrus Spritzer is one of my favorite natural toners that is easy and cheap to make. On top of that, your skin will visibly repay you.

This [tag]toner[/tag] is excellent for oily skin and we will need two main ingredients – [tag]lemon juice[/tag] and [tag]rosemary[/tag].

Lemon juice is a strong astringent, so you will need only a small amount. Whereas rosemary is a light astringent and it is indeed invigorating.

You will need:

1 tsp fresh lemon juice

4 tbsp witch hazel

2 tbsp fresh rosemary leaves

150 ml purified water, boiling coffee filter paper

2 drops of pure petitgrain essential oil


1. Pour the boiling water over the rosemary leaves, cover and leave for 30 minutes

2. Strain off the leaves, using coffee filter paper

3. Put all the ingredients into a bottle and shake until thoroughly mixed.

You can refrigerate this zesty toner and use within 3 days. Enjoy ! :)



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