Natural Anti-Jetlag Tips

Jetlag affects us and everyone seems to have their own method to minimize its effect.

According to Charles Ehret, a scientist at Argonne National Laboratories, travelers are recommended to eat in a “feast and famine” style for several days before departure, feasting on a high-protein breakfast and lunch to stimulate the body’s active cycle, and a high-carbohydrate dinner to stimulate sleep on the first day.Then the next day, fast with light meals of salads, light soups, fruits and juices. This cycle is repeated – all on an adapted schedule that should hopefully integrate with your destination time zone for when you arrive.

To keep jetlag at bay, the following natural food can help:

1. Oats

Oats are an excellent fortifying pre-flight food. Oats contain saponins, alkaloids, sterols and vitamins, which inccrease stamina. Take them as either porridge or a decoction of oat straw to battle exhaustion and as a tonic to promtoe restful sleep.

2. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a daisy-like flowers that can be used to make a sleep-inducing infusion that will leave you refreshed and ready for bed. Chamomile is soothingly gentle buy effective sedativve and it is suitable for all.

3. Water

It is commonly known that drinking plenty of water and avoiding coffee and alcohol are recommended as the potency of alcohol is greater in -flight and has a dehyrdating effect upon the body.

4. Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is best as it double up as a preventive agent against deep-vein thrombosis(internal blood-clotting) during long flights.

5. Passion Flower

Passion flower, with its sedative properties, helps to restore natural sleep patterns, helps to restore natural sleep patterns disturbed by air travel. The herb also provies pain relief for flight induced headaches and anxiety.

6. Siberian Ginseng

The siberian ginseng is an excellen tonic which negates the adverse effects of travel. It fortifies adrenal glands, aiding the body in its fight against the physical impact of disturbed biorhythms. Ginseng also increases stamina, helping the body to cope with the exhaustion brought on by travelling



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