Oats in Apple Juice

I have blogged about the benefits of incorporating oats in your diet and this is one of my favourite oats [tag]recipe[/tag] – Oats in Apple Juice.

You will need:

80 ml of filtered water

25 g of [tag]organic oats[/tag]

200ml of freshly squeezed [tag]apple juice[/tag] ( I prefer Granny Smith apples)


1. Place the organic oats in a bowl

2. Add in boiled water then stir

3. Chill the oats. Add in the apple juice

4. Served chilled.

As we know oats can help with the detox process but when you combine oats in apple juice, you are really fool-proofing your detox plan. This is because apples have pectin that helps to break down toxins in the intestines and help maintain a healthy bowel function.  So if you are seriously considering to go on a detox, you can consider this recipe as part of your detoxing process. :)



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