Organic Explotion in the Mainstream

[tag]Organic[/tag] labels are popping up everywhere. Even on national brands that used to be known for their junky snack foods. Organic has sort of become the new trend. That can be a very good thing. With more and more people buying organic the prices of high quality, responsibly farmed foods will be driven down. That’s good news for us, the farmers, and the earth. Also, with more options and mainstream-friendly brands coming on board people who would not normally go out of their way to try organics now are. That could mean healthier options for more families.
When considering buying organic keep these things in mind.

  1. Anything that is [tag]Certified Organic[/tag] must meet rigorous regulations. These large companies can’t just buy that label. Make no mistake, I don’t believe they are in it for the same enlightened reasons as some of the organic pioneers but you can trust the [tag]USDA Certified[/tag] seal.
  2. While I believe there are several health benefits to eating organic it is also important to remember that organic foods can also contain sugar, fat, carbohydrates and calories. Although, organic products are usually made with higher nutrient quality ingredients like 100% whole wheat, it’s not a wild card to eat an entire box of organic cookies.
  3. Expect the prices to be somewhat higher – there are a few good reasons.
  • Organic products reflect many of the same costs as conventional items in terms of growing, harvesting, transportation, and storage, but organic products must meet stricter regulations governing all of these steps. Therefore, the process is often more labor and management intensive.
  • Organic farmers have an added cost of compliance with organic certification standards and government programs do not subsidize [tag]organic farming[/tag].

We have to be educated and informed consumers but usually organic is the safest, and best tasting, choice for your family table and your families future.

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