Organic Insect Repellent

I dislike pesky flies. They are so annoying. Mosquitoes too, they are all blood-sucking pests that dont’ need mercy.

Most people would quickly reach out for the chemical-laden [tag]insect repellent [/tag]that stinks. These stuff are poisonous otherwise it wouldn’t kill. You wouldn’t like the smell, do you? ;)

Anyway, I tend to keep those pests at bay with Mother Nature’s help – with absolutely NO chemicals nasties ! Here are some tips…

1. Repel flies with [tag]herbs[/tag]

To keep flies away, put out bowls of fresh [tag]orange[/tag] and [tag]lemon[/tag] peels mixed with [tag]cloves powder[/tag]. Flies also dislike the scent of [tag]lavender[/tag], [tag]eucalyptus[/tag] or [tag]cedar[/tag].

Use one or a combination of these [tag]essential oil[/tag]s in an [tag]aromatherapy[/tag] diffuser or cotton balls placed around the room. Or add a few drops of essential oil to small bowls of hot water to help dispersing the scent throughout the room.

2. [tag]Ant Control[/tag]

Mix 7.5g of dried [tag]organic peppermint leave[/tag]s, 35g of organic [tag]cayenne powder[/tag] and 30g of [tag]baking soda[/tag]. Sprinkle the mixture liberally around the area where ants are entering your home.

3. Repel [tag]cockroaches[/tag] with essential oils

Cockroaches don’t like the scent of eucalyptus or [tag]rosemary[/tag] essential oils. Place a few drops of essential oil on cotton balls and put in areas where you have seen cockroaches. Renew the essential oil every couple of days to keep the scent strong.



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