Planting Wheatgrass

I am seriously considering planting [tag]wheatgrass[/tag] in my kitchen.

I was over my friend’s place the other day and she has a lush tray of wheatgrass that looks so fresh. To ponder further, I would not mind to have trays of wheatgrass in my kitchen so that I can have a shot daily :)

To add to my excitement, it takes only 10 days for the wheatgrass to be fully grown and make into [tag]juice[/tag].

Fresh wheatgrass juice contains all the vitamins, minerals and amino acid needed by our bodies and it has the following benefits:

  • cleanse and [tag]detox[/tag]ify the blood, liver and other organs
  • aid [tag]weight loss[/tag] by acting as an appetite suppressant and improve fat metabolism
  • clear complexion and help with wound healing
  • reduce [tag]high blood pressure[/tag]
  • improve blood sugar disorders
  • help prevent tooth decay
  • neutralise toxins and carcinogens – great antioxidant
  • help improve digestion

I reckon I really need to start on wheatgrass juice because of my hectic lifestyles and the ever growing world of fast food, I reckon that our bodies are being cheated of real nourishment and instead filled with artificial chemicals additives, sugar and salt.

Time to do my body a favour by pumping in this potent cleanser :)



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