Quick Tips: Refresh your Eyes

My recent post on how to protect your eye sights in today’s digital age has lead me to find out more about eye care.

Working at a computer for more than five hours a day can inevitably cause tired eyes, eye irritation and other eye problems.

From my previous post, I did mentioned that blinking is one of the method that help to protect the eyes. This is because blinking help coats the surface of your eyes with tears, keeping them moist and protected against dust.

In case you are experiencing severe eye irritation or dryness, try these two simple massages that can help to stimulate the tear ducts that moisten and refresh your eyes. If you wear contact lenses, be sure to remove them first.

Massage Technique #1

1. Rub hands together to warm them up.

2. Rest your elbows on a table and cup hands over both eyes, with heels of palms on cheeks.

3. Take a few deep breath, then move hands higher and gently apply light pressure to each eye with the heel of the palm.

4. Hold for a moment then release.

Massage Technique #2

1. Close your eyes.

2. Use thumbs to gently massage your brow, starting between the eyebrows and moving toward the temples.

3. Repeat using fingertips to apply light pressure to the same spot.

3. When finished, open your eyes wide and take several deep relaxing breaths.



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