Save Money by Using Homemade Natural Cleaning Products

by Markus Skupeika

For everyday cleaning, most household cleaners and owners use expensive commercial household cleaning products without knowing the bad effect that they can get from these chemical-based cleaning solutions. These products most often contain different kinds of chemical ingredients which can be harmful to you and to your family’s health, not to mention that they can also be dangerous to the environment.

To avoid the health and environmental negative effects of chemical-based cleaning solutions, some companies are producing natural cleaning products made out of organic or biodegradable elements. These natural ingredients make them good and safe for daily cleaning use and they can even be obtain at a very small financial expense. Do not waste another time in saving your family from dangerous chemical ingredients. Choose to use natural cleaning products in cleaning your home.

However, if you don’t have enough money to buy natural cleaning products, homemade natural cleaning products are here to serve you. You should first know the natural ingredients in making these natural cleaning products to make them more effective. There are actually several home ingredients that you can use in making your own natural cleaning products. Some of them are: white distilled vinegar, lemon juice, tooth paste, ketchup, borax, salt, corn starch, lemon fruit, olive oil, washing soda, baking soda, herbs and essential oils. You can find these ingredients in your kitchen cupboards. If not, they can surely be bought in your local grocery stores.

The following are tips on where you can use the mentioned green cleaning products and how to properly use them.

You can use washing soda in cleaning your bathroom tiles and surfaces. For your bathroom and tile cleaner you just need a one cup of washing soda, a squirt bottle and a brush. First you need to pour the washing soda into the squirt bottle then apply enough amount of it into your bathroom surface and into the tiles by spraying it. Let the washing soda stay for 8 to 10 minutes. After that, brush the surfaces of your bathroom and your tiles until the dirt removes. Then simply rinse your bathroom and tiles with water. And there you have a clean, sanitized, and a shiny bathroom and tiles.

Lemon juice and vinegar are natural cleaning products good for cleaning your windows and glass furniture. For your window and glass items, you just need a ½ cup of vinegar, ½ cup of lemon juice and 1/4 cup of water. Mix all three liquid ingredients in a large container. Then, apply a small amount of mixture in a piece of cloth. With that cloth, rub the mixture into your windows and glass items. Then let the it stay there for about 3 minutes. After the three minutes, spray your windows and your glass items with pure water. Then wipe them off using a clean piece of cloth.

Another household ingredient that can be used as a green cleaning product is salt. It can be used as a copper and silver cleaner. You just need ½ cup of salt and ½ cup of water. First pour the ½ cup of salt and 1/2 cup of water together with your silver items into a casserole. Then broil it for 8 to 10 minutes. After the specified time, drain your silver and brush it (an old tooth brush will work just fine). After brushing, wash it with warm water. And there you have a clean and a brand new looking silver.

Know some tips in making your own natural cleaning products.

Homemade organic cleaning products will generally make you save a considerable amount of money.



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