Seeking Warmth during This Winter

I’m not a big fan of a bitterly cold winter. That’s why keeping warm and cosy is my top priority this winter. Of course, switching  the heater 24/7 one is not the best solution as it will make the electricity bill soar. Even if I were to pack my bags and go somewhere tropical, this idea is not friendly to my wallet. How could I possibly leave home for 3 months?!

Anyway, my economical way to keep myself warm this winter is to cook. Yes, cooking, not only gives me the warm fuzzy feeling but it also can keep  me physically warm. The kitchen will be warm while cooking and then I can have a great home cooked meal! :) Ahh….double bliss.


If you are not a chef, grab a roast chicken or a hot pie or chicken soup from a
refrigerated display and warm it up to savour it at home. Drinking a warm broth is relaxing and stimulating. I seek warmth through my faithful organic Japanese green tea.

Of course there is a limit to what we can stomach in a day. So how do we keep ourself warm other time? You can choose to do something or nothing. The nothing bit is just to snuggle in bed the whole day but the drawback of this choice is you will feel sluggish and tired and that is not a pleasant feeling.

SnuggieThe more positive option is to exercise. 20 minutes of vigorous exercise can warm you up and keep you warm well after the exercise session. A warm nice shower is also a plus point and of course, how could we forget our favourite slippers, warm socks and maybe the hideous looking Snuggie? (May the power be with you…)

Anyway, keep warm this winter, and don’t forget to drink enough water and apply some sunscreen before heading out!



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