Simple Food Substitutions to Lose Weight

by Judith Dezso

Are you planning to lose your weight? Do you feel that it is a scary task? Well do not fear as it is not as bad as it may seem. Some of the weight loss techniques may require that you adopt substantial changes in your lifestyle. The most important change has to be taken with regards to your calorie intake. This article tells you how you can use simple food substitutes to lose weight.

Weight loss is nothing more than the body burning much more calories than you take in. If you burn around 500 calories every day then you are sure to lose about 0.5kg every week.

You’ll also want to add certain nutrients to your diet. Fiber-rich foods become essential to weight loss because they can help maintain feelings of fullness while stimulating digestion. Fiber also makes a great colon cleanse. Many people believe that a colon cleanse is a great way to jumpstart a healthy diet, as a clean colon allows for maximum absorption of nutrients.

A bottle of coke which holds 600ml has in it about 285 calories and a piece of cake contains can contain up to 500 calories. There are many food that we consume each day that contain a lot of calories and by simply changing or substituting other more healthy with fewer calorie foods we can lose weight. Below you will find a list of common food and drink which you can adopt as better alternatives for weight loss. You simply have to be aware of what you eat everyday and find healthier substitutes which has lesser calories in them.

Here are some changes which you can adopt to assist you lose your weight to around 0.5kg in a week:

Alternative solution 1:

Try to take a glass of water in the morning as a substitute for juice and this would help you with – 123 Cal saved

You can take in low fat margarine instead of butter- 49 Cal saved

Make use of fat free yoghurt rather than curd with total cream – 82 Cal saved

Go in for regular 20 minute jogging – 210 Cal saved

Take in coffee with no sugar and less obese milk – 50 Cal saved

Total cal saved is 514.

Alternative solution 2:

Reduce wine intake to 1 glass – 135 Cal saved

Reduce dinner intakes – 160 Cal saved

Avoid taking biscuit and coffee together – 190 Cal saved

Take light margarine rather than normal oleo – 37 Cal saved

Total Cal saved is: 522

Alternative solution 3:

Avoid soft drink and take water instead – 170 Cal saved

Go for an hour of walk – 240 Cal saved

Take muffin with low fat rather than slice of cake – 120 Cal saved

Total: Cal saved is: 530

Alternative solution 4:

Avoid packaged chips and take instead vegetable snack – 250 Cal saved

Take muesli bar and not bar of chocolate – 160 Cal saved

Avoid salami on sandwich and take instead lean ham – 150 Cal saved

Total: Cal saved is: 560

The number of changes that you want to make is not restricted. The basic idea is that you must lose weight and adopt a lifestyle which helps you to do that.

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