Simple Ways to Manage Stress 1

Here are some simple [tag]stress management[/tag] techniques. Rather than trying to do them all, choose the ones that appeal to you and fit into your daily routine.

1. Drop your shoulders
Try to relax your shoulders whenever you can. If you’re queuing, or waiting for the kettle to boil, consciously relax your shoulders and let go of any stress that may have built up. If you don’t, stress may accumulate in your neck and shoulders and can also register as wrinkles on your face.

2. Exercise your hands
[tag]Komboloi[/tag] or [tag]Worry Beads[/tag] have been relieving the Greek of stress and their bad habits for centuries. Komboloi or Worry Beads are considered to be a form of [tag]therapy[/tag] for so many Greeks living and working in today’s fast-paced world. From quitting smoking, to stopping their over-eating problem, Komboloi Worry beads have aided millions with ventilating the daily pressures and stresses. All you do is hold the beads and work your fingers through them, slowly and regularly. This repetitive movement can be extremely calming.


Worry Bead


Worry Bead

Koboloi 3
Komboloi – Blue

Alternatively, hold a pair of [tag]Chinese[/tag] ‘[tag]Shou Xin[/tag]‘ (Chinese Exercise Ball) balls. These shiny silver balls stimulate the nerve endings, exercise the hands and release stress. Simply holding a piece of velvet, or a polished crystal can be just as effective.

Stress Ball
Chinese “Shou Xin”

Tomorrow, OrganicPassion will provide more simple ways to manage [tag]stress[/tag]. Stay tuned! ;)



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