Simple Ways to Manage Stress 2

..continued from Simple Ways to Manage Stress 1

3. Keep a miniature garden

Beautiful garden

Gardens are usually wonderfully [tag]stress[/tag]-free environments, – but it isn’t always possible to stroll round one when you need a break.


So why not take a tip from the Japanese and create a miniature [tag]garden[/tag].
Miniature garden allow you to keep it close to hand so you can gaze at it and enjoy a sense of nature whenever you feel like it.

Japanese [tag]bonsai[/tag] trees are one way to create your own miniature garden, but you can improvize, making use of [tag]shells[/tag], sand, earth, and stones as well as small [tag]plants[/tag].

We’ve done quite a fair bit of surfing on this topic and we like the miniature gardens in the

Tomorrow, more natural stress management tips. See ya and have a stress-free weekends.



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