Skin Juice: Prune Cocktail

Following the post on Skin Juice: Spinach Orange Juice , I would like to blog on another delicious [tag]skin juice[/tag] by [tag]Clare Maxwell-Hudson[/tag] – Prune Cocktail.


The prune is a great beauty food that helps clear the [tag]skin[/tag]. This is because prunes are a good source of vitamin A ((in the form of [tag]beta-carotene[/tag]) , antioxidant, dietary fiber, [tag]potassium[/tag] and copper. Imagine what will the power of prunes do to your skin if you drink them daily ! :)

To make this sweet skin juice with a hint of lemon, stew a packet of [tag]prunes[/tag] in the juice and peel from 2 [tag]lemons[/tag]. Drink 1/2 glass of this mixture every morning.



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