Soft, Supportive Buckwheat Pillows

Finding a [tag]pillow[/tag] that is both comfortable and supportive is a difficult feat for many people. An unsupportive pillow can leave you tossing and turning throughout the night, or it can cause you to wake up with a horrible ache in your neck and shoulders. For many people, the solution is buckwheat pillows.

If you have ever tried to curl or scrunch a pillow into a more comfortable shape, then you know the disadvantages of the typical cotton wadding filling. You have to find just the right position or number of pillows to be able to sleep. Pillows filled with [tag]buckwheat hulls[/tag], on the other hand, conform naturally to your individual curves to help you achieve a great night’s sleep, every time.

If you are familiar with Swedish or Memory Foam pillows, you know what a huge difference this kind of natural conformation makes to the quality of your sleep. Buckwheat hull pillows achieve the same level of comfort and the same supportive cradling of your neck and spine as foam pillows do, at only a fraction of the cost.

Furthermore, some foam pillows provide perfect support – except for one little problem. They are too high or too low. You don’t have this problem with buckwheat, because you can easily adjust the fill of the pillow the zippered opening. If you would like more height during the night, simply add more buckwheat until you reach the perfect level. Foam pillows do not offer this kind of flexibility.

[tag]Buckwheat hulls[/tag] have been a popular pillow filling for thousands of years because of their extreme comfort. The way the hulls rest against one another also allows for easy circulation of air, which wicks away moisture and means that your pillow will not get too warm or too cold during the night.

Best of all, pillows made of buckwheat actually improve with age. A good pillow can last for a decade, and become softer and conform more easily to your shape over the years, as the movement of the hulls actually polishes them.

For a supportive, comfortable, affordable, and long-lasting pillow, buckwheat is hard to beat.

Article provided courtesy by Benni Jenyfari of Bedding Plus.



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