Sweet 16 Reasons You Need a Lovely Massage.

The definition of [tag]massage[/tag] is the scientific and systematic manipulation of soft tissue. However, massage is both a science and an art form. It really blends thinking and feeling.

Besides being fun and relaxing, massage is one of the oldest healing art forms. Primarily because it works and it’s something everyone can do and benefit from.

[tag]Massage Therapy[/tag] has been shown to:
• Feel more relaxed at anytime
• Counteract the [tag]health[/tag] destroying effects of stress
• Experience tons more bodily pleasure
• Reduce muscle aches and pains
• Express more love, passion, and connection
• Bring instant soothing relief to tight neck & back muscles
• Have more fun in your relationship
• Improve overall body circulation
• Promote a better night’s [tag]sleep[/tag]
• Calm the nervous system
• Enhance your sense of [tag]well-being[/tag]
• Detox the body and the muscles
• Connect with your partner at a deeper level
• Keep your body young and [tag]healthy[/tag]
• Put some more spice into your [tag]love[/tag]life

Nevertheless, the single most important benefit of massage is that it feels really GOOD!

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