7 Easy Tips for Natural Rejuvenation


Rejuvenation is a regimen you should live by, and the earlier you start it, the longer lasting the benefits. It works better when it becomes a lifestyle, rather than a series of sporadic, desperate, panicky (and often unsatisfactory) attempts at wiping the years away. It all starts with looking after your body (and your mind). We all know that whatever you lovingly look after stays in good condition, it blooms and lasts longer. Be it your clothes, your home, your plants, your kids, your pets or your relationships. Anti-ageing starts with simple things like a good skin care regimen, sensible diet, avoiding stress and excesses, and being physically active and fit…

Eastern Promises

By Boey Ping Ping In China, the secrets of dealing with stress, sickness and aging draw from a 5000 year-old tradition. Here’s an A to Z guide on how they do it. Acupuncture There are roughly 365 [tag]acupuncture[/tag] points along the body’s main energy channels which can be activated to release blocked qi (energy flow)…. 

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