Quick Tips: Refresh your Eyes


My recent post on how to protect your eye sights in today’s digital age has lead me to find out more about eye care. Working at a computer for more than five hours a day can inevitably cause tired eyes, eye irritation and other eye problems. From my previous post, I did mentioned that blinking… 

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Tools and Techniques to Improve the Eyes Naturally


by Craig Burton For those who are keen to try to improve their [tag]eyesight naturally[/tag] here is a compilation of possible things that may help: Exercises First a word on exercises from the personal trainer A classic among eye-exercises is what is called the push-up. Here you focus your eyes on point close (e.g. holding… 

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Natural help for Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes, Crow Feets’ and more


Forget that expensive jar of under eye cream. Very often, they contain chemicals which may be hazardous to your health. Did you know that there are natural alternatives to your Loreal RevitaLift or Clinique Eye Cream? These natural home remedies are obviously cheap, easy to prepare, effective and most importantly, safe to use. Here are… 

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