Gardening With Vinegar – Tips and Uses of Vinegar in Your Garden


Slugs are real pests, because they eat both vegetables, especially lettuces and plants, especially hostas. In this case, vinegar acts as a poison to the slugs because, if you spray slugs with it directly, they will die. You can treat snails in exactly the same way. However, because vinegar is also a herbicide, be careful where you spray your vinegar. Salvias for example will die, if they are sprayed as a casualty.

A Gardening Community

I reckon gardening is really fun and rewarding, especially when you see your [tag]garden[/tag] in full bloom. What a joy ! Being an organic enthusiasts, I truly like the idea of growing your own plants – be it gardening plants, flowering plants, herbs or spices. This is because when you nurture them with your own… 

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Planting Wheatgrass


I am seriously considering planting [tag]wheatgrass[/tag] in my kitchen. I was over my friend’s place the other day and she has a lush tray of wheatgrass that looks so fresh. To ponder further, I would not mind to have trays of wheatgrass in my kitchen so that I can have a shot daily :) To… 

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