Japanese Food: Miso


Miso is the most medicinal soy food. According to many scientific research, miso is an effective therapeutic aid in the prevention and treatment of heart disease, certain cancers, radiation sickness and hypertension. Miso soup consumption is also linked with up to a 50% reduced risk of breast cancer according to the Journal of the National… 

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Soy reduces breast cancer risk: Japanese study


This piece of news was released yesterday and I thought it would be useful for all women to know that traditional Japanese soy-based foods (e.g. tofu, miso, natto) can help lower the risks of breast cancer. TOKYO (AFP) – Women who eat traditional Japanese soy-based foods on a regular basis face lower risks of breast… 

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Japanese Home Cooking – Beyond Sushi

bento box

by Cynthia Bates In general, the Japanese people are very healthy and live longer than any other culture in the world. Why is this? Many people attribute it to the way they eat. But if you think that all Japanese people eat is sushi you couldn’t be more wrong. [tag]Japanese home cooking[/tag] is simple, healthy,… 

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