Rose Petal Facial Steam


As the name implies, the [tag]rose petal facial steam[/tag] is a wonderful way to nourish your skin. Rose petals have light astringent properties, thus making it the gentlest of all astringents that is perfect for fair and dry skin. With [tag]facial steams[/tag], your skin’s pores will be open for deep cleansing. Not only will it… 

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Chinese Sesame & Ginger Scrub


You will need to get all the ingredients from Chinatown. This is because the Chinese Sesame & Ginger Scrub is indeed oriental and leverages the power of traditional chinese beauty secrets. 2 tbsp [tag]lotus powder[/tag] (or 1 dried lotus root, cut into pieces and finely ground in a coffee dringer); 1 tbsp [tag]ginseng[/tag] powder 1… 

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Strawberries as your April Beauty Bliss


This April, [tag]strawberries[/tag] are in season therefore you can whip up a beautiful [tag]strawberry yogurt mask[/tag]. Stawberries make an excellent skin-softening [tag]facial mask[/tag]. Being part of the rose family, strawberries are rich in [tag]vitamin C[/tag] and salicylic acid, a common ingredient in many commercial products for acne-prone skin. Strawberries also have mild bleaching effect on… 

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