Every Soon-to-Be Mom Must Know…

Mothers pass toxic chemicals to their babies through their umbilical cords, according to a groundbreaking study.The recent study commissioned by Washington-based Environmental Working Group found an average 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants (body load) in umbilical cord blood from 10 babies born in U.S. hospitals.

Aromatherapy in Pregnancy


by Francesca Black [tag]Pregnancy[/tag] and [tag]childbirth[/tag] is the most wondrous experience of a woman’s life. To describe it, one must use a list of contradictions. What other event can be so universal, yet so personal? At what other time does a woman feel more in tune with her feminine side, while yet tapping into her… 

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Pregnant Coffee Drinkers… what you should know?


by Linda Searing On lists of [tag]pregnancy[/tag] do’s and don’ts, few agree on where to put [tag]caffeine[/tag]. Might reducing the amoung of caffeine consumed by a [tag]pregnant woman[/tag] affect her [tag]newborn[/tag]‘s size and birth date? A study involved 1,207 women who were less than 20 weeks pregnant and who regularly drank three cups of coffee… 

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